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WARNING: This can be very dark, so please take caution if you read.
So, my past... it's not a pleasant one, that's for sure...

So, when my twin sister and I were born, our parents couldn't take care of us, but my mom didn't want to give us up.

My dad put a gun to my mom's head and said he'd pull the trigger if she didn't give up ownership to our grandparents.
So we were sent to our grandparents'.

Our grandfather abused us ever since we were little. He's always drunk... everytime you see him.
When I was little, he pushed me down the McDonald's slides and slammed my head into a table, causing a scar on my head that I still have.

He's really abusive, harassing us every chance he gets. We make good grades and one day, he says he's glad we make good grades: the next, he's saying we're dumb and don't know anything about the world.
I've never known how to love someone. I've always been so jaded that nothing surprises me. I rarely cry anymore.

Some call me emotionless, as I really only show true happiness around my sister, grandmother, and close friends. I'm not a very social person because my sister and I have been isolated in our house, not being allowed to go to other people's houses, hanging out with other people...

We never go on any vacations anymore, since my grandfather argues about it every fucking time.
A few years ago, my grandfather hit me in the head with a replica of a tomahawk, damaging me for life. Now, sometimes my head will get really bad pains, and I can't remember things well anymore like I used to.

We called police on him, and he somehow convinced them not to take him in. He's a drunk driver, and chews tobacco and smokes cigars. He's going to kill himself eventually.

We're not allowed to express our love or passion for anime. He's very racist and sexist. He wants us to become guys and to be interested in wars, guns, etc. when we're not.

I suffer from long-term depression, undiagnosed.

I've almost been sent to the mental hospital for anger issues. My sister and I were arguing that morning, and she told our teacher, who told me I need help and I shouldn't be so cruel to my sister, and almost sent me to the mental hospital for it when she and I argue like normal siblings...

I've always been alone... everyone I was close to betrayed me. I don't like to make close friends. I'd rather live in darkness... despair... misery. I'd rather be alone. That way, I don't drag anyone down with me into the deep abyss of my heart. My heart is broken, and forever will be. I have the light of Jesus but even then, my heart is weak and fragile. I prefer to stay in the shadows... where I belong.


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United States
Best friends on dA: :icondeathday94991313: (my bishie) :iconwiltingboy: :icontumblezee:

:iconaplz::iconbplz::iconoplz::iconu-plz::icontplz: :iconmplz::iconeplz:
I'm a 16 year-old high school student. I am a junior, with straight A's. I have a 4.0 GPA and am wanting to go to the medical field. I'm very studious, and I love anime, Death Note being my favorite. I'm also a casual gamer. I'm obsessed with Light Yagami.

My favorite anime character will always forever be Light Yagami. My favorite video game characters are Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles and Yoshi. I'm somewhat of an artist, but I prefer editing than to art.

I love to make AMVs in my spare time. You'll see them if you click on my youtube channel below.

I also love yaoi, my favorites being Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (TakanoXRitsu) and Junjou Romantica (MiyagiXShinobu). I also sort-of ship LXLight. I have a weird fetish (said by my friends) for Light being bound. Idk lol. THESE CRIME ANIMES INSPIRE SUCH THINGS!

I'm in my high school's anime club. I've been in it for 2 years. We don't really do much at all but sit and chat about anime. Sometimes we watch anime, other times we make fanfics.

I am a huge fan of Smosh. Been a fan of them since 2011. They're the main people I watch on youtube as well as Smosh Games.

I mainly game with Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. I also game a little with the Death Note games.

I am currently learning Japanese. I'm still a beginner, but I'm improving. cx

I'm single and have been single all 16 (almost 17) years of my life. ((I'm mentally dating Light))

I'm making my way into the cosplay world, my first cosplay obviously being Light.

I currently own a few anime figures: Light Yagami from DN, Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Black Kyurem from Pokemon, and Mega Charizard Y from Pokemon. I also own a few plushies: Light Yagami from DN, Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto, and Zero from Vampire Knight.

I love emo's and scenes. I also support gay rights.

I also read a bit of manga.

You really don't want to mess with me. I've been known to get physical if you mess with me, not so much, but my SISTER, you'll be sent home with a cracked skull! So.. do what Light says.


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